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Save hours by starting from a template project.

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Do you also find yourself spending the first few hours setting up the necessary boiler plate? What if you could skip those and get started implementing your business logic immediately?

You can take a template off the shelf and get started on a project that already has everything you need anyway:

  • Instructions for how to use the template
  • Best practices for file and function naming
  • An appropriate gitignore file
  • Best practices for compile flags
  • A test suite
  • A README with relevant sections
  • Option parsing: Flags, Environment variables and Configuration files.
  • CI via github actions
  • Hooks for autoformatting and linting
  • A Nix build


When purchasing a template, you get a license with the following terms:

You can

  • Study the template
  • Use the template to build software
  • Distribute that software under any license
  • Open-source that software under any license
  • Run that software for any purpose including commercial use
  • Ask for support, in private or in public, about using the template

You cannot

  • Hold us liable
  • Distribute the template or derived templates